Saturday, 12 October 2013

Handbags from Heaven

The Sex and the City movie franchise brought us many things, bitter disappointment to name but one...however, whose ears pricked up when Jennifer Hudson's character arrived on screen sporting the latest arm candy despite her journalist's assistant salary, (lets face it, we've all had to suspend our disbelief to think that a weekly sex column could support Carrie's central Manhattan apartment). On Hudson's announcement that she was renting the latest designer handbag offering, I am sure i was not alone to make a mental note to rummage through the internet for a similar service.

My prayers were answered in the form of Handbags from Heaven. A company set up Jo Hodge to offer a bit of designer Handbag joy to everyone.  She offered me a free trial of the service to see if it would be something that might appeal to my readers.

The website is clear and easy to follow (even for me, who is a notorious luddite), and I optioned an Anya Hindmarch beauty. Within days an exciting box arrived at my door with the black patent Anya Hindmarch bag. I have to admit it took a while to pluck up the courage to get it out of the bag (let alone take it out of the house).

But why would a girl who prides herself on up-cycling and individual style regardless of price want to go renting a designer handbag? Handbags from Heaven allowed me to test drive an expensive bag I wouldn't want to fork out on. It also presents me with the opportunity to showcase another bag and another and another and another!...should I so wish.

Photo Amanda Thomas
After getting over my initial fear, I had an absolute ball with my hired handbag. It felt like a special occasion whenever I walked out of the door, and the bag got lots of comments and compliments.

I'm in the process of interviewing Jo as I want to know more about the woman who started up this venture, and why it is an appealing prospect to women of all incomes. Have a look at the site and see for yourself.

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