Sunday, 19 October 2014

Fashion Fix Revisited: Silk scarf pillow case

Amanda Thomas Photography

Now the muggy summer months are over and we sink into a cosy, autumnal slump, it's time for my hair to take another beating from the elements. Wind and rain are as bad as humidity and beating sunlight, so I thought it's high time I revisited one of most popular fashion fixes from last year; the silk scarf pillow. Inspired by Harpers Bazaar's tips to tame frizzy hair, I jumped at the chance of a wallet friendly tip. Et voila, the Silk Scarf Pillow Fashion Fix.

The biggest money saver on this is to use a silk scarf rather than fork out for metres of silk. They are easily sourced in local charity shops as I don't tend to find 100% silk content ones in the highstreet stores

You will need:

  • A plain pillow case
  • Enough silk to cover one side
  • sewing machine
  • dressmaking scissors
  • dressmaking pins
  • tailor's chalk

How to do it:
  1. Place your pillowcase right sides together on top of the silk and use as a template. Draw around on the silk using tailor's chalk, leaving 1.5cm seam allowance. Cut out.
  2. unpick or cut out one side of the pillow case. (retain the rectangle that has the folded over inner piece that keeps the pillow in place)
  3. place the pillow rectangle and the silk rectangle right sides together and pin around 3 sides leaving the opening unpinned.
  4. Machine sew a running stitch all around the pinned sides.
  5. trim the edges and corners, turn inside out and press.

Amanda Thomas Photography

September shoots

Dear Reader,

I've had another few months of flat out activity, compiling many thoughts and ideas for my beloved blog. I have been a little absent, due to the building of my new online portfolio which now showcases all sorts of work I've been doing. A recent favourite was a lifestyle shoot with photographer James King at the MilkThistle, Bristol.

James King Photography
James King photography 
James King photography

Don't they all look like they're having a lovely time!