Fixuplookchic is a fashion forward blog with projects to inspire the reader to celebrate their individuality and love their look. Written and photographed by freelance designer, illustrator and stylist Harriet de Winton. Fixuplookchic gives away secrets to looking good on a shoestring, whilst celebrating independent design and crafting in the fashion realm. Harriet was Creative Editor of Cloth Magazine from 2009-2012 and has built up a wealth of experience in how to inspire the budding budget fashionista. 

Fixuplookchic works with brands and companies who are a good match and will be of genuine interest to its reader. For example, haberdashery suppliers, fashion designers, textile designers and distributors, workshops and studios, art and design. Harriet writes about her exciting existence as a designer for Theatre, TV and photoshoots and the weird, wonderful locations, sights, sounds and textures she encounters. She has regular 'making project' features called 'Fashion Fix' for Garment upcycling and 'Home is where the art is' for upcycling homeware and furniture. She also has a feature called 'Reading Room', reviewing inspirational books that assist her design work.

Advertising will give your company the opportunity to share your product, brand, & website with our readers.  Harriet can write a review, sponsored post or run a giveaway, all giving maximum exposure to your social media platforms and website. 

Ads are sold through a company called Passionfuit. Each ad is detailed below. By clicking on the package that suits you and budget you can immediately buy your ad space. All payments are made through Paypal, fast, secure and easy. 

Thanks for your enquiry and we look forward to hearing from you.

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