About Me

I'm Harriet. A designer, stylist and illustrator.  My first creative expression was carried out on the door of my parents' red Vauxhall cavalier with a sharp stone. I built upon that moment by spelling my name perfectly backwards age 4 in front of my prep headmaster... a creative career beckoned.

I've been drawing and making (oft in the dead of night) since I can remember and started adult life out as a theatre designer,  only to branch into illustration, fashion and styling. 

Much of these added strings to my bow came with the birth of 'Cloth magazine'. I was part of the creative team to think up and shape the idea, and like a proud  yet exhausted parent I have seen it through sleepless nights, teething, puberty and graduation into a monthly, globally-distributed, fashion forward 'make do and mend' magazine.  With my best friend and creative side kick Roz, we have provided a plethora of projects and stories to the magazine over the years as Cloth's creative editors. We have now spread our wings to blog and share our ideas with the world, whilst continuing to provide cloth with a handful of our ideas alongside some amazing designers.

Fix up look chic will combine fresh fashion forward projects as well as timeless favourites from the cloth vault. Show and tell of  Inspiration and interest, and a little bit of help from my ridiculously talented friends in Bristol and beyond.

For all enquiries and collaborations please contact me on fixuplookchic@gmail.com

I am also available for Event and Interior Design. Please follow the link to my Portfolio

Here is my home in Bristol where these ideas are thought up...

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