Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Event Design, The Colston Hall, Blind Tiger NYE 2013

This is the story of New Year's Eve, 2013.

For the past few years, I have been involved in designing the pop up Bar, The Blind Tiger for a production company called MAYK

This year, the Colston Hall decided they'd like a piece of the action for their New Year's Eve celebrations. I took on the design role alongside friend and fellow stage designer,  Liesel Corp.

The theme was inspired by Indian Weddings, Moroccan Souks and New York Cafes, full of light and colour. Liesel was inspired by MIA's touring set; the huge discs that seemed to replicate religious symbols but pimped up with lights and colour.

Into the workshop we went, Liesel drew the shapes, we then projected them onto MDF and drew them out. Then came the Jigsaw. It took a little while but the results were awesome. 

We even created headboards for daybeds, that the punters could lounge on.

We had access to the venue the day before and had a wonderful team of helpers who got the job going. We had Raj Tents strewn about the room, which were Gazebos from Asda, stripped of their awning and draped in coloured chiffon.

Our cut out circles were painted white and then filled in with coloured cellophane to create stain glass window effect.

They were then hoisted onto the prosc arch to form the centrepiece for our stage.

To make a very high ceilinged room feel intimate, we draped fabric from the rig. A bit of clever lighting design later…and our exotic hideaway was created.

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