Saturday, 22 March 2014

Theatre Design: As You Like It production shots set details

I have just been looking through the beautiful photos taken by Mark Douet of the Shakespeare at the Tobacco Factory production of 'As You Like It'.  Whereas the production company look for photos will engaging expressions and focus on the faces and movements of the actors, I am always looking for the images that show the finer details of set and costume.

Photo Mark Douet
Here, Dorothea Myer Bennett and Daisy May lie on a persian rug on the painted floor. I was keen to make a creative nod to the original tiles of the tobacco factory floor and faintly hint at them through the faded layers of plaster painted as an effect on the dance floor.

Photo Mark Douet
Paul Currier and Jack Wharrier lean against the infamous tobacco factory pillars. This time we wallpapered the pillars with beautiful textured wallpaper. The paper was covered in floral and pastoral imagery and then painted over by scenic artist Ria Wilcox with a dark greeny grey mix to darken them down and almost fade them out of consciousness.

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