Friday, 9 May 2014

Disney Roller Girl Day with


I spent the day with Navaz Batliwalla aka Disneyrollergirl as part of one of Mastered's online courses for modern creative development. 

some of Disneyrollergirl's work with brands

Navaz launched the blog in 2007 as an 'anonymous fashion insider' and gave her opinion on all things aesthetic and driving the fashion/art world. It was awesome to sit down with her, with just one year's experience of blogging under my belt, and talk about the next steps for FixUpLookChic. The chat was all in aid of Mastered's course about how to turn your fashion blog into a money making commodity and how to work with brands. Of course blogging is ultimately for the love of it, and is a place where a writer can empty their head and share their thoughts with the reader. 
with Frances and Navaz

No one can underestimate the power of the individual armed with a laptop and some high speed broadband in the comfort of their own home.

These days, that is all you need to take over the world, one post at a time, and why shouldn't it make you some money/contacts in the process? 

Also lucky enough to be a guinea pig like me was the lovely Frances who's blog Last Year Girl is a vintage fashion focussed blog, writing about Vintage books, exhibitions, styles and key items that have found their way back into our modern fashion psyche.

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