Monday, 18 August 2014

Another new venture?! Part 2

SO off I went to Seville. I went alone and had an incredibly productive time as I had no distractions. although I could have really done with a friend in the evenings! I powered through my book very quickly!

Seville was perfect. I was so lucky because I hadn't done all that much research other than having people rave about it whenever I mentioned I was going. That was good enough for me.

The city is covered in beautiful hand painted tiles wherever you look. Even the most ordinary housing has hand painted tiles porches and window sills.

There is a wonderful mix of the earlier, Moorish style geometric designs alongside the later, lyrical pastoral spanish designs. This gave me the idea to layer up contrasting styles of tile design using fresh contemporary colours to create brilliant borders for my wedding stationery.

There were some brilliant fonts on display too.

I took my sketch book everywhere I went and jotted down interesting patterns in the stone, tiles, and general architecture.

I had also brought out my watercolours so here is the first attempt away from the Folk House class room

You'll have to wait a wee while for some finished products...they are being kept under wraps for now...

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