Wednesday, 1 April 2015

de Winton Paper co has launched!

I have been busy starting my new venture, the de Winton Paper co. You will have read about my blog posts to Seville and the general connecting of paper themed ideas, hence the de Winton Paper co was born. I have had a wonderful introduction into the Wedding Industry world and made some new friends. Particular mention must go to The Little Wedding Helper (Kirsten) and Ruth Garner Photography (Ruth) who took me under their wing and have guided me through where to advertise, how to exhibit, and all the navigations of wedding industry etiquette!

I am featured in the National Wedding Guide Directory, as well as The Wedding Secret and am starting to feature my work in styled shoot for blogs and magazines.

I was thrilled to be featured on the beautiful blog, The Paper Bride

They featured my most popular range to date, the Botanical range. 

But all this stationery came from humble beginnings, from lusting after note cards and simply loving the art of letter writing. Therefore, I also have an Everyday Stationery range which you can find on the main de Winton Paper co site, and on my little Etsy shop. 

The blog's instagram account now links to the de Winton Paper co Instagram feed as it now covers both the behind the scenes at photo shoots as well as what is going on in the paper workshop.

I hope you will join me in this new chapter and maybe even buy some of the products that have developed slowly and surely as this blog has evolved.

Paper Goods never go out of style.

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