Friday, 7 November 2014

Bristol Fashion Week AW 2014

Bristol Fashion Week is fantastic, and most of all fun. It is the perfect atmosphere to feel like fashion is a friendly, all encompassing art form, and not a spiky, members only club. I was invited as a blogger to go and see what was coming up for all dedicated followers of fashion, the only problem being, my little phone isn't used to all the bright lights and sashaying down the catwalk. My record of events was a bit of a blur (and that's got nothing to do with the complimentary M&S Cocktail on offer.)

I was hoping for images like this:
but all I got was this...

Hence, I have incorporated the beautiful photos of Style Tribe , the incredible social media and branding gurus to help tell my story of the event.

The stand out moments for me: John Lewis' incredible creative styling of autumnal leaves cascading through models' hair, really nice to see when you are watching strictly highstreet looks. 

The Burberry rug cape is the lusted after item du jour, and if you haven't got your initials monogramed on it, then why bother eh? The lovely root veg colours of autumn are wonderful clustered together, no acid brights to blind your onlooker, do something a little different and find your own way with a muted toned woolen rug, chuck it about your shoulders over an aubergine winter coat, just like the model in the image below.
Just as I bemoan bright colours, out this lot walk.
But I have to say, Red is my FAVOURITE colour at the moment. Having just purchased a beautiful Jigsaw dress, I think again, using the root veg colours, the beetroot colour on the bottom half of this is what does it for me, and although you can't see it in this image, there is a slick of tangerine piping up the seams. Delicious. I wore it to an Indian Summer September Wedding, and layered up with a sleek black Polo neck from m&s it will keep me going through winter.

For official images of the event click here and find out how you can get your hands on those covetable items.

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