Sunday, 30 November 2014

Taylor Swift's couture trolley dash through 'Blank Space'

I watched Taylor Swift's blank space music video, accompanied by the Guardian's brilliant critique something along the lines that Swift redefines music, politics and everything else ever

1989 sees Taylor's first country-free album, and it seems like that's not the only change. She is now commanding the attention of the top designers and it looks like she's been on a veritable trolly dash through Paris Couture Week for this one. 
The wonderful etonline have trawled through the video and picked out every outfit she wears...I am still trying to find out the designers. But here are some of my favourites.
“Blank Space", has its tongue firmly placed in its cheek, (at least I really hope so, for the sake of the future Mr Swift) flanking her bed with unicorns, in a grandiose palace with scene after scene of decadent, ultimate first dates for the WASP jetset crowd. 
Her lyric  “a nightmare dressed like a daydream,” sums up the shift from honeymoon romance into horror inducing bunny boiling antics. 
this dress was taken from a winning Project Runway Collection
They insist that no people, animals or automobiles were harmed in the making of that film, but who didn't wince when she went at that Aston Martin with a golf club.

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