Thursday, 5 February 2015

How to make beautiful Hair bows: Alice in Wonderland Photoshoot styling: Behind the scenes

Another make from the Alice in Wonderland photoshoot Vault. 

There were some lovely bows, here are a few more we made for Alice, just in case!

When styling outfits for shoots you always need 2nd, 3rd, maybe 4th choice options for the outfits. I think this goes for the accessories, surely they are affected by which outfit is chosen. Therefore I took great pleasure in having a play around with some Alice bows that could be quickly fixed to a hairband on location or pinned into the model's hair.

You will need:

  • assortment of ribbon, you don't need more than 1/4 m for any of these.
  • needle and matching thread.
  • pinking shears

  1. Choose the ribbon for the main body of the bow. I went for a pale blue 1 inch thick and then layered it up with a thinner textured/patterned grosgrain ribbon.
  2. Cut 25cm length of each with pinking shears to stop ends fraying. Both right sides up, place one on top of the other, matching up the ends.
  3. Fold the ends around the back and into the centre (make sure there is a little bit of overlap) and press a concertina fold in the centre.
  4. Secure in place with needle and thread. Don't cut the thread, keep the needle in play. now take a 1cm black ribbon to wrap around the centre of the bow. Place it at the back of the bow and sew in place with a few stitches. Now wrap it around the bow centre at least 2 times. 
  5. With the needle and thread still attached, secure this central ribbon with a few more stitches. Cut off the ribbon end with pinking shears. Cut the thread.
  6. These bows can easily be sewn onto padded fabric 'alice bands' or you can slip a clip or pin through the back black ribbon loop to wear the bow as a hair slide.

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