Saturday, 31 August 2013

Behind the Scenes: Oyeth Pitterson Test Shoot: In the gym and Newell Bespoke Suits

Amanda and Oyeth at Bristol Boxing Gym
 Part of Oyeth's shoot was going to make the most of his impeccable physical form. It was quite an eye opener to hear about his strange and erratic diet to achieve the Men's Health Cover Shot look.

Amanda sizing up the competition

'THAT was a fight' the proprietor told me

No matter how hard you are, you need to look the part
 We were lucky enough to have two incredible suits, made to measure from Newell Bespoke; beautifully tailored but fresh and exciting in choice of fabrics and cut. 

Pretty well dressed for the changing room

Many thanks to Cafe Kino for accommodating our invasion

Look out for the next post to see the finished result!

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