Thursday, 26 September 2013

Fashion Fix: How to embellish a collar: dark beauty beads and gems

Photos Luxo and Fashion Spot
Embellished collars have been adorning our necks for a few years now. They are a brilliant quick and simple Fashion Fix to update a shirt, or detached entirely they become a statement necklace.

I fancied piling on the gems with this collar and turn it into a bold piece of jewelry, perfect to update your Little Black Dress.

General How to:
Cut or unpick the collar off a shirt. If you are recycling an old shirt and need to make the collar smaller to fit your neck, sew a seam down the centre back and trim away any excess. You may want to decorate this seam with some trim to hide any raw edges.  

Using All Purpose Glue and the head of a pin, randomly glue sequins, beads, small buttons and gems onto the collar points working your way along till you are happy with the shape. Replace the button with a pretty gem.

Like this? Why dont you try...

Buy screw in studs from a haberdashery or online. Use a fabric punch to make holes in the collar points and screw the studs in place. Add a bright grosgrain ribbon to add a pop of colour against the industrial look of the studs. Cut the ribbon in half and sew each piece onto the collar band so that they’re hidden from the collar. 

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