Saturday, 21 September 2013

Reading Room: Creating the Vintage Look by Ellie Laycock

This is a slightly biased Reading Room post, as it is also a little showcase for my latest illustration commission. Ellie Laycock has produced some stunning home wear projects for this book:

Creating the Vintage Look 
Published by CICO Books

Here are a few samples of the illustration style I adopted to furnish this book.

Crochet glass wear project

A new use for old metal jelly moulds

Vintage pillow case project

Russian doll light pull

Vintage tin clock

The book is released on September 30th and can be bought here. We had the launch party a few nights ago at The Old Cinema on Chiswick High Road
A little more about the author, taken from

'Ellie Laycock trained as an artist and works as a London-based professional photographer for clients such as Giorgio Armani, Sony Ericsson and Casa Vogue Brasil. A love of innovative design, stylish interiors, and rummaging for vintage treasures led to the founding of her new company, Hunted and Stuffed (, which specializes in luxury homeware made from specializes in luxury homeware made from upcycled vintage materials. Her unique cushions were selected to appear in the first major upcycling exhibition in the UK at The Old Cinema, west London, and are stocked in independent boutiques and online stores. She recently won the Platinum Brand Amplifier award for female entrepreneurs and the Startup Britain ‘PitchUp!’ Competition.' (CICO books)

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