Monday, 30 September 2013

Fashion Fix: How to update a white shirt with mermaid style scallop shell beading

compilation courtesy of The Guardian

Sarah Burton at McQueen, Armani, Versace, Givenchy and Paco Rabanne have all paid homage to the briny sea nymph and now Lady Gaga has taken to leaving the house with little more than a scallop shell to cover her modesty, i think we can safely say the mermaid look is here for now. I've never forgotten the beautiful scallop shell design that covered Marion Cottillard's Jean Paul Gaultier gown the night she won best actress oscar. The scallop shape is undeniably associated with the female form, but if you're not planning on sticking them onto your bikini and reclining on a rock, here's a slightly more subtle way to 'do' the mermaid.
I gathered my pearlescent beads and scallop shell pieces from a lucky combination of broken necklaces. However, specifically shaped beads are very easy to come by at your local beading, crafting shop.
You will need:
  • Assorted broken jewellery
  • Needle and white thread

How to do it:
  1. Arrange your beads around the collar and cuffs of your shirt
  2. Hand-stitch in place.
This is the kind of project that might appeal to a Bride looking for a crisp, contemporary alternative. It is also an opportunity to reuse 'something old' into 'something new'!

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