Sunday, 6 April 2014

Company Magazine Style Blogger Awards 2014 | Nominations Are Open!

Personal Style is a serious business in my family...

My amazing, gorgeous parents: A carpet wearing Mum and trail blazing Dad (yes that is me in the background, a face full of chocolate)
I have had FixUpLookChic up and running for just under a year. It's been such a fantastic outlet for what I have realised is a ridiculously varied amount of creative outlets. However, I have realised that all my creative interests have come from a common place: my own personal style. This blog may be a craft blog, but it comes from an obsession with Fashion visuals. My Costume designs have become inseparable from contemporary and historical Fashion Collections over the years, and it has been an honour to share them with you on the blog, as well as showing you how I made a few!

Photo Carly Wong and The Egg, Bath
Of course my time at Cloth Magazine has influence how I write and demonstrate, and there are a few Fashion Fixes up here from my Cloth Mag Archive. It's so cool to be able to share all this with such a wide readership.

It would really round things off perfectly to get a look in at these Company Mag Awards. I am going for the Best Personal Style Blog-Newcomer' Award. If you think this blog shows any signs of such a thing, then nominate me HERE

Photo Amanda Thomas
Instead of further demonstrating my Personal Style (you can look back through oodles of older posts for that) I thought I'd show you some rather more overworked moments, brought on by an overload of creative inspiration, otherwise known as not being able to say no to a job. I thought it appropriate as every creative can relate, It's almost the natural state; numerous projects on the go at once, each one feeding an idea into the other one. So here is me in all my 'glory' working behind the scenes to bring you the fashion fixes, the stylist's secrets, illustrations, events design ideas, theatre and costume work...zzzzzzzzzz

properly frazzled, covered in paint, still smiling

So, if after all this, you think Fix Up Look Chic is worthy of nomination in the Company Magazine Style Blogger Awards 2014, click HERE to nominate me in the 'Best Personal Style Blog - Newcomer Category'

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  1. I just love the sewing machine :) Good Luck in the blog awards <3

    1. Thanks Jenny, I love it too...I was a bit apprehensive about decorating a sewing machine but made sure i kept it minimal so as to not interfere with the mechanisms. But lets face it, once you've got the red sparkly lightning bolt you don't need much else!