Friday, 4 April 2014

Inspiration in Brilliant, Talented Bristol...just as I book a trip to Seville

Seville, Wikimedia
I have recently decided to take a research trip to Seville (provided I haven't messed up my passport renewal application form) to remind myself why i got into drawing and all things creative. Coincidentally, I have noticed a handful of inspiring people and events on my doorstep in the past few days. There is a lot to be said for pausing and looking up and about you.

photo uncredited, Rosie Webb

both images from Rosie Webb

Rosie Webb is a very talented local illustrator shoe drawings are anything but. The whole country will have seen her pieces from tins of sliced carrots et al in Tescos to illustrative features in Esquire and Sunday Times Style Magazine. She is extremely humble and loves what she does, and I met her manning the tills in a lovely Bristol Independent Shop where she sells some of her work. What a lovely lady!

Inishbofin Sound, Norman Ackroyd RA2005, etching, image courtesy of the artist

Not far down the road at the Royal West of England Academy, There is a new exhibition The Power of the Sea. They've managed to open on the same day as the epic biblical blockbuster Noah.

An Mor Kernewek, Kurt Jackson RWA2003, mixed media and collage on linen, image courtesy of the artist

Seascape Study: Boat and Stormy Sky, John Constable RAc.1824–8, oil on paper laid on board, © Royal Academy of Arts, London
I know I'd rather be at the RWA sampling such model making delights as this little gem they put out on twitter earlier today...

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