Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Fashion Fix: China Hair Comb

Photo Amanda Thomas
This was a project I thought up for Cloth magazine, when the byzantine Dolce and Gabbana fashion was all the rage. I still think there is a lot of decorative, pastoral imagery about, and now we're in Spring this is one of my favourite accessories. We did this shoot at The Old Book Shop in Bedminster, Bristol. An amazing bar, full of curios and taxidermy.

I also think this would make a gorgeous wedding hair accessory. Something Old???

I had some fun looking for the bits and pieces to put on the hair clip. I ended up spending about 70p in all at a church jumble sale.

Before and After the Hammer.
who'd have thought they would make such a lovely hair accessory!
You will need:
  • assorted ceramic flowers (from ornaments)
  • araldaite
  • metal hair comb
  • felt
  • gold paint
  • paint brush
  • hammer

How to:
  1. use the hammer to knock the flowers off the ornaments
  2. arrange the flowers in a cluster on the felt
  3. mix the araldite and glue all the pieces on to the felt and to each other.
  4. trim the excess felt away. Dry brush some gold paint on the edges of the petals and on any visible felt.
  5. glue the comb on the back.

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