Sunday, 8 December 2013

Perfect Presents, Christmas Fashion Fix: Key Trinket Necklace

Photo Amanda Thomas
Only a few weeks to go until Christmas! Many of us are on a limited budget, and so here at Fix Up Look Chic I'm on a mission for us not to break the bank this Christmas!

Jewellery doesn't need to be pricey, there are some extraordinarily beautiful everyday objects that don't cost a thing. I got the idea for this key necklace from wandering into highstreet shops and seeing them going for £15 and more! I then wandered into the Cobbler next door and got a free old key to add to my two others from the Joan Collins Box in the studio.

You will need:

  • Plain necklace chain
  • assorted keys
  • pliers
  • jewellery connectors
How to do it: 
  1. Open necklace chain
  2. thread keys onto chain.
  3. If using key charms that require jewellery connectors, prize open the connector, loop it around both the key and the necklace chain and position it. I like hoe the little charm key on my necklace sits a little higher than the other two.

Photo Amanda Thomas

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