Friday, 20 December 2013

Perfect Presents Fashion Fix Christmas: Liberty Print Charm Bracelet

Photo Amanda Thomas
This is your last fashion fix christmas present idea, JUST in time for Christmas with a day or two to go for making.

Charm bracelets have long been traditional favourites among god parents to god children, adding a charm each year. They can be extremely valuable heirlooms after years of additional charms, OR they can be fun embellished and affordable piece sod jewellery for anyone. The lovely symbolism of the charms you choose can create a wonderfully personalised present, and with this present, the potentially pricey bracelet chain is replaced by a gorgeous strip of Liberty Print cotton. I got mine from Sewbox.

You will need:

  • 1/4 metre liberty print cotton
  • 20 cm chain
  • assorted charms
  • jewellery loops
  • jewellery pliers
  • needle and thread
  • iron
  • tape measure
  • dressmaking scissors
How to do it:
  1. measure your desired length for the fabric strip. (I made mine wrap twice round the wrist with enough left to tie a bow.)  Cut a 5cm width rectangle and your desired length.
  2. press the strip in half length ways, open out and then fold in either long edge into the middle crease. press together so your raw edges are hidden inside the folded rectangle.
  3. fold in the raw edges et each end and press. Slip stitch along the three edges to seal the rectangle into a strip. press.
  4. in the middle of the strip, loop your chain around a few times and sew in place so it has a bit of a swag (see photos), secure in place with a few stitches.
  5. With your pliers and jewellery loops, fix the charms onto the chain.

Photo Amanda Thomas

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