Saturday, 15 June 2013

Belle and Grant Pop up at 40 Alfred Place

 This weekend I had the pleasure of designing 40 Alfred Place for the Pop Up Restaurant 'Belle and Grant'. A sumptuous Spring/Summer Menu that brought out the seasonal freshness in my design inspiration...and it just so happened that I had some of that green wallpaper left over from the Wooden Box Restoration.

I wanted to share some pictures of the space and share a few lightbulb moments I had on the subject of temporary interior design. So many of us rent, but still want to make our mark on our habitats without breaking the bank and upsetting the landlord.

Instead of picture rails the space had high suspended horizontal batons which were easy to hang pictures off. Keeping with the fresh and wild theme, I hung canvases painted all shades of green with hessian string.

For Belle and Grant specifically, I was into a subtle branding of the company to remind the customers who was cooking for them, so I made a scaled up stencil of their logo, a cluster of cooking utensils, and sprayed it onto sporadic canvases. I also printed labels out of the logo and put them onto the assorted jars of flowers on the tables.



As well as the canvases, I utilised the remaining wallpaper from the B&Q box project as well as finding another cracking roll in none other than Wilkinsons! I stapled batons to the top and bottom of varying lengths and hung them in and amongst the canvases. I also clipped a square of each onto plain clip boards for an added item to hang.


Usually, the lights are bare and exposed in the space, so I used wallpaper for a further measure in creating cone lampshades. Stapled into shape and slotted over the existing fixing, just make sure the paper is well away from the bulb.

Wallpaper also featured as a table runner, and the best thing about this is, no matter how messy the customers on the Friday night, there is plenty of wallpaper left to make a new runner for the Saturday night crowd!

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