Saturday, 15 June 2013

Reading Room: Cressida Bell's 50 Fabulous Cakes

Books are a huge inspiration. No surprise there, but it is often the unlikely sources that give me the greatest pleasure. Therefore I am starting a new 'bookspiration' feature and what better way to start than with CAKE.

I assure you this is a design focussed post.

Whilst in product design, fashion, interiors, the standards have been constantly raised with groundbreaking ideas and techniques, the world of cake decorating has remained pretty twee and nostalgic. Cressida Bell, a descendant of the print obsessed Bloomsbury Group admits she is no baker, but when it comes to cake decorating, she approaches it with the focus of a high end product designer. Taking inspiration from fabrics and wallpapers, her cakes are simply inspiring. Here are some of my favourites.

Cressida Bell’s Cake Designs: Fifty Fabulous Cakes (Double-Barrelled Books, £25)  Commissions taken at Cressida Bell
Photographs by Sonja Read

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