Saturday, 8 June 2013

Fashion Fix: Exotic Turband

Long gone are the Carmen Miranda connotations of a chic summer turban...unless you have Prada bananas dangling from your ears. Picking up on the ‘Gatsby’ saturation of the fashion market right now, the Turban lives to see another summer as the fashion staple. A few years back it was only for the daring exhibitionist, now flooded into the must be time for a make your own version!

You will need:

  •  2 x rectangle strips of fabric approximately 25cm x 60cm (or the circumference of your head)
  • 5 cm of 1 inch elastic
  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors
  • Hand needle and thread
  • Vintage brooches, gems or embroidered patches to decorate

How to:

  1. Fold each of the rectangle strips of fabric in half right length ways with the right sides together. Pin and sew with a running stitch along the long edge. 
  2. Pull both strips though and press so that the seam sits in the middle of the strip.
  3. Twist to interlock the 2 strips of fabric together at the centres this is essentially your Turband. 
  4. Measure your head circumference and subtract 4cm (this will be elastic). 
  5. Neatly turn either end of your Turband in on itself and sandwich the elastic in the seam. Pleat any excess to neaten the join from fabric to elastic. Sew.
  6. Use vintage brooches, beads or any interesting jewels you have found as the centrepiece to your Turband. Hand-sew into place. We used a single embroidered piece in the centre of the band. Simplicity is key; don’t end up looking like a fruit cocktail.

Fabric Details
Liberty Print Silk from
gem from a broken Primark Necklace.

Running stitch

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