Thursday, 20 June 2013

Fashion Fix: Boyfriend Birthday Special...Monogramming Initials

I've had to keep this post under wraps as it's my boyfriend's birthday present! This post will probably embarrass him horribly, but ever since spying this cutting in the Sunday Times Style magazine I was hatching a plan...

Like they say in the Times, the obsession with engraving your initials onto possessions has both a nostalgic quality and a way to add personal value to any item. My friend Bianca had already branded hers and Polly's brollies and I was keen to follow suit. All this takes is a bit of embroidery thread and the knowhow with a few choice embroidery stitches.

I chose bright colours to contrast with the pale linen colours of the shirts.

Here are diagrams of a few of my favourite simpler embroidery stitches good for monogramming. Use four strands of your embroidery thread for a chunky 'font'.

Chain Stitch

French Knot. Useful for full stops between initials

Split Stitch, I used this one for Ant's shirts.

And it all went in a box lined with that amazing wallpaper!

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