Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Fashion Fix: Sailor Collar

I seem to have been thrust into all things nautical of late...A Sailor Girl Tattoo commission and HMS Bestival Costume Designs have had me trawling through the cliche's online.  

It doesnt have to be all 'Hello Sailor!'

This has got me itching for a chic nautical project. Chanel took the humble Breton Top and made it a wardrobe staple the world over. The humble sailor's collar -  ruined by many a hen party dress up - can be a chic, preppy addition to a girl's wardrobe.


So here's a version from Ros and myself.



You will need
  •  60cm Navy blue cotton  
  • 3 metre x 1cm white ribbon 
  • 1 metre x 5cm white ribbon 
  • Tailors chalk 
  • Pins 
  • Scissors 
  • Sewing machine 
  • Hand needle and thread

How to do it
  1. Download and size up the pattern at the bottom of the post. Fold the navy fabric in half with the selvedge running vertically and place the out pattern on the fold of the fabric. Pin. Cut out leaving a 1cm seam allowance.
  2. Repeat step 1 on the remainder of the navy fabric. mark the ribbon lines onto this piece of fabric. Cut out and lay flat.
  3. Pin the first line of ribbon all the way round this collar. Use a pin to help create a neat twist at each corner.
  4. Sew using a running stitch along each side of the ribbon. Repeat with the second piece of ribbon.
  5. Take the wide ribbon and cut in half. Sew each piece of ribbon to either side of the front of the collar making sure the ribbon sits up the collar.
  6. With the ribbon side facing inwards, pin the 2 collar pieces together and sew all the way round leaving a 6cm gap at the back of the neck.
  7. Pull through, press and using a hand stitch, sew up the gap.

sailor collar pattern


  1. What are the measurements of the pictured collar?

  2. Dear Amy, the idea with that pattern piece is that you scale it up to fit you whatever size you are. However, I have done a version with the measurements on that I would use for myself. I have posted it on the blog today.